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Holiday Heroes Project

This service event was a very significant opportunity. It made us reflect and appreciate our soldiers much more. They are our heroes who display courage and dedication at all times. They are constantly sacrificing themselves in order to ensure our safety. The letters we wrote may be little compare to what they truly deserve, but I'm pretty sure they will really appreciate them.

Gave 2.30 hours on 12/09/2014 with The University of Texas at Austin
Ashley Cauich

Ashley @ ULN Mentor GroupService Event

This service event was very significant to me and all my mentor group. It was an opportunity in which we were able to help and give thanks to the community we were part of. Our Mentor group was able to effectively unite as we decorated more than a 100 cups and filled them with candy and hot chocolate. Even though, "thank-you" was one of the first words we placed in our vocabulary, we often forget to use it. With this service event, we were able to thank numerous individuals. Some were strangers and others were familiar places. Sometimes we can make someone's day by giving them thanks for existing. We are all human beings, but sometimes we fail to appreciate each other. This opportunity not only increase our bond within our mentor group, but it also brought us much closer to our entire community.

Gave 4.00 hours on 11/24/2014 with University Leadership Network
Fall Yard and Building Clean-up

This opportunity to help my community was fantastic. I was given the privilege of working with numerous people whose main objective was to make a difference and show others that everything is possible by working together. Everyone helped make the Starbright Preschool look extremely beautiful, but the most memorable image I take from this experience is the memory of the little children desire to help. They were inspire and motivated as they saw everyone surrounding them happily working together to make their school more beautiful. Even though, our service might not be extremely big, it still had the power to inspire others including the little ones to believe that positive change can happen in their own hands.

Gave 4.00 hours on 10/18/2014 with University Leadership Network
BTC: Williamson Creek Greenbelt Central/Battle Bend Springs for National Public Lands Day

The feeling you obtain after you make a positive change has no price. This service event was a great opportunity for me to help the Austin community. I had done service events in my hometown, but it was my first time doing it on Austin. This lead me to realize that the need of service and helping hands is always needed everywhere. By helping others one has the opportunity to unify with others and make a commitment to work together to achieve the same goal "to make this world much better". Our actions might seem little, but with that seed of change we planted, we can motivate and influence other to take the same initiative we did. Our community needs us, so let's start making the change now!

Gave 3.00 hours on 09/27/2014 with University Leadership Network