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    Volunteer at the Food Bank!

    Checked donated food to make sure it wasn't expired. Went with my organization, Humanity First (an organization at the University of Texas at Austin).

    Gave 5.00 hours on 09/10/2016 with ULN '17

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    22nd Annual Austin Film Festival Volunteer Opportunities

    Had a great time volunteering! I accumulated so many hours that I was able to get a Conference badge and watch so many brilliant films! Plus, just working with the staff and getting to meet new people was amazing. I got to work at the Highland Galaxy Theater, AFF Tech Center, and Driskill Hotel for registration. I definitely enjoyed volunteering at the Austin Film Festival and can't wait to volunteer again next year.

    Gave 65.00 hours between 10/29/2015 and 11/05/2015 with ULN '17
    Volunteer Opportunities at SXSW

    Angelica gave to SXSW

    Interactive Panels
    Friday 3/13 - Tuesday 3/17 from 8am-6:30pm
    Other contact info:
    Email: sxiapanels@gmail.com

    Gave 60.00 hours on 03/13/2015
    Dia de los Muertos Festival Volunteers
    Dia de los Muertos Festival Volunteers
    Open opportunities at Austin Film Festival

    Worked at some theaters such as The Rollins, Hideout and State, registration and conference at the Driskill Hotel, and packaging at their Tech Center.

    Gave 52.00 hours on 10/16/2014 with University Leadership Network
    GivePulse profile picture of DeAna McCusky DeAna McCusky  7 years ago
    Angelica, Can you please provide a brief description/review of this service project so I can verify the hours? Also please log the specific days you volunteered. Thank you.
    GivePulse profile picture of Angelica Alston Angelica Alston  7 years ago
    Sure, DeAna! I added the dates into the description.
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