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Last night, as I was driving home from Le Bonheur, I was thinking about how good it feels to bring a smile to a child's face; and even better, a laugh. I was sitting with a restless two-year-old boy who desperately wanted to play while Momma was trying to nap. I asked him if he wanted to take a ride in my magic train and he enthusiastically agreed and held up his arms for me to snatch him out of his crib! As I drove him around the floor, he greeted everyone we passed with a "hey y'all" and a "chuga chuga choo choo"! The more the nurses and visitors interacted, the more charm he threw at them! By the second lap, he was giggling and blowing goodbye kisses to everyone as we passed! He was so precious that I just wanted to take him with me. Life for me is busy, but I have found that there is nothing better than getting outside of my own little bubble to make someones day.

Gave 3.00 hours on 06/24/2019 with Volunteer Odyssey
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I recently read that Le Bonheur Children's Hospital was voted the #1 Children's Hospital by U.S. News, for many years in a row. I must say that from a volunteers perspective, it has to be true. It's clear that everyone from the security officers, receptionists, nurses to the hospital staff wants to work at Le Bonheur. It makes such a huge difference in life to do something that you love. I say it all the time, but it brings me great joy to do volunteer work, but an even greater joy to volunteer for an organization full of compassionate individuals who all support the same mission.

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This week I got to do something different and very eye-opening. I sat in on one of the support groups that meet once a month to engage the siblings with arts and crafts. There were several families that came in to share a meal and discuss what they were going thru. It was wonderful to see how friendships were formed from perfect strangers that were there for each other. As I listened to what they were saying, I felt privileged to volunteer for an organization that truly puts families first. If there's anyone out there that reads this, that has a volunteers heart, I'd encourage you to donate a few hours a week of your time to spread compassion and love for this great organization. The patients, siblings, families, and staff really appreciate it.

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I was thrilled to see so many volunteers working on the holiday. Our community is full of many giving hearts and I am honored to be among them. I am really enjoying my Monday night gig; hanging out with the cool kids in the hospital. Nothing brings a smile to a child's face like a red wagon stroll down the hall or a palette of paint and some paint brushes. I love spoiling these kids!

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My volunteer time was extra special last night. I was visiting with a restless little girl that wanted to play all day but wasn't able too. I put together a paint dish and let her paint a birdhouse to hang outside her kitchen window for when she returns home. Her family was so appreciative and told me that her being able to paint was the best medicine. It made me realize that sometimes it only takes a few minutes to make someone's day.

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My Monday Night Activity Cart Jam is awesome! I love playing with the children and they seem to really enjoy it too!

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It was such a priviledge to bring joy to the kids through arts and crafts! Who doesn't loves to paint?

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The Rajun Cajun Event is always a fun one for our BPI team to participate in. We love to show our support!

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