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ULN '17

Keith gave to ULN '17

The Rude Mechs are a non profit Theatre company located in Austin Tx. the specialize in devised and experimental theatre, emerging the crowd in a experience that shatters the fourth wall. For my community service, i helped out with the creative process of a devised piece that they will be working on for the years to come.

This experience has been different for me as a theatre majors. Sole because devised theatre is a from of creation that breaks all normalities. It is a grand new way to explore theatre.

contact: kirklynn@utexas.edu

Gave 5.00 hours on 03/19/2016 with University Leadership Network
Keith Machekanyanga

Keith @ "We are proud to present" script reading.

The reading of "We are Proud to Present.." brought light to the racial barriers that we as a community face in light to the current events in our nation today. I took some time off of my Sunday night to read for a local austin director, along with other local Austin actors. This was the first step in the process of creating this experimental work of theatre.

We read the play and reflected in its context. Then the group discussed how this play my advocate in the austin community. We talked about where we might preform it and the way we would perform it and voice our message to the larger austin community.

This was the first step to a four month process, which i have decided to go along with because of how impactful it could be the the austin community.

Gave 3.00 hours on 12/06/2015 with ULN '17
Keith Machekanyanga

Keith @ "Mother Land" script reading.

The reading of Mother land was conducted by Austin playwright, Allison Gregory, as she invited a group of actors to read her play aloud for the first time.

The play followed the story of an African American Family living in an environment parallel to the events effecting the african american community in this decade. The play deals with an African American Mother getting through with the loss ad separation of her two sons.

The process of the play was open to interpretation, as we ended with an open discussion about the play. This discussion was for the playwright to see what we saw heard or felt during the reading. that way she can continue making more drafts as the play changes

This was a rewarding experience for me to be around such intelligent people that are involved in the Austin community. And it makes me feel special when i am able to help with the development of a play.

Gave 3.00 hours on 11/18/2015 with ULN '17

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