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  • School of Undergraduate Studies (UGS)

  • The University of Texas at Austin

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    Tutoring at Paredes Middle School

    I helped to tutor students in middle school with various math assignments. There were a couple of teachers there that were helpful in facilitating the tutoring but the children were extremely well behaved and ready to be productive. I would suggest that volunteers come prepared with a pencil and arrive a little early to go over what the teachers would like for you to focus on so that there is a little less confusion and so that tutoring can begin right at 3:45 rather than 5 minutes in. Overall I would happily do it again. Brushing up on seventh grade math wouldn't have hurt either.

    Gave 1.00 hour on 11/14/2016 with The University of Texas at Austin, UGS 303: Race in the Age of Obama (Fall 2016)