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Student Government Association

Saida Wiltz
Jeannie Truitt
Rosa Perez

Gave 6.00 hours on 04/18/2020 with Alpha Phi Omega: Rho Lambda, St. Edward's University
Aidan Engstrom
Hildana Adhanom

I believe that my experiences and involvement have deepen my interest of volunteering and giving back to my community. I believe BIG EVENT last year as a participant was such a successful community full of diverse positive students that came together in the purpose of humble intentions. I found the service project extremely likable because of the positive environment that I saw and felt during early in the morning but also when each of our groups' projects were over. I also felt that I was a part of something bigger than what I registered as a volunteer for. I interacted with students of different classes and different majors that I have made some friends on the Hilltop because of this event.

Gave 23.00 hours on 12/05/2019 with The BIG Event 2020
Victoria Jaimes
Jackie Mendoza

I was on the Registration Subcommittee for BIG Event. I liked it.

Gave 140.00 hours between 11/05/2019 and 03/10/2020 with St. Edward's University
Sarah Wassef

BIG Event Programs Executive

Gave 175.00 hours between 08/26/2019 and 04/18/2020 with Class of 2020, Community Engagement Commencement Cord, St. Edward's University
Alessandra Urbina
Andrea Guzman
Allison Moujaes

Gave 5.00 hours on 04/06/2019 with Class of 2019, Community Engagement Commencement Cord, St. Edward's University
Alondra G
Lina Chavez