McCombs School of Business

Nivva Emmi

Attached is my Webinar worksheet!

Gave 3.00 hours on 05/08/2020 with McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin, Business Honors Seminar 2017, Service Learning, Steve Hicks School of Social Work
Sindhuja Gade
Fareen Momin
Arjun Luthra

Monday 3 hours: class
Tuesday 1 hour: office hours with Professor Passovoy
Thursday and Friday: 4 hours working on the paper(writing out risks and uncertainties, business model, etc)
Saturday and Sunday 5 hours: running through the final presentation couple of times, anticipating potential questions to the report and presentation, editing the paper, fixing formatting, discussing new changes

Gave 13.00 hours on 05/03/2020 with The University of Texas at Austin
Alejandra Nitsch
Jonathan Choi
Samantha Ramirez
Alejandra Nitsch
Avish Patel
Christopher File

16 hours refining and working through our final project paper. This includes going back into old presentations and fixing the information we had wrong originally.
2 hours reading sections of the book to support the final paper
2 hours working on the genesis fund application

Gave 20.00 hours between 04/28/2020 and 05/04/2020 with The University of Texas at Austin
Sareena Contractor
Kumail Mahesri
Carly Jenkins

I attended class, I worked with my team in creating the final presentation and final project, I also worked outside of my group to complete delegated parts of our final presentation.

Gave 18.00 hours between 04/27/2020 and 05/04/2020 with The University of Texas at Austin
Tylor Hawkins