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Street Youth Ministry of Austin

Khalil Bateman
Francisco Flores
Alexandra Mascareno
Benny Thomas
Yelitza Mandujano
Renell Henry
Benny Thomas
Fabiola Flores
Khalil Bateman
Angeline Tram
Dakota Salazar
Ruoxin Zhou
Adrian Peng
Dakota Salazar
Alec Vila
Ahmed Quadri

During the clothing drive, I was volunteering to interact with the guests and make sure they were enjoying their time and making conversation with them. I learned a lot about some of the people there, and I was surprised to hear about all their different interests and backgrounds, as well as their talents. It definitely opened me up to another side of Austin that I tend to overlook or forget about.

Gave 1.75 hours on 09/05/2013 with The University of Texas at Austin
Yesica Silva Segura