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Texas Advocacy Project

Otniel Negron

Helped clean and prep bags for domestic violence shelters. Awesome cause to volunteer for.

Gave 4.00 hours on 04/20/2016 with The University of Texas at Austin, ULN '17, University Leadership Network
GivePulse profile picture of Praise Chineyemba Praise Chineyemba  4 years ago
hi, please what's the address for this volunteer event? I've looked everywhere to find an actual location but I couldn't. thank you.
GivePulse profile picture of Otniel Negron Otniel Negron  4 years ago
Hi Praise, I had the same issue. You have to email the volunteer coordinator directly to set up a volunteering shift.
David Harris

Volunteering for the Handbags for Hope project was a very rewarding experience. Though the project is big and far reaching and is only made possible due to the work of many volunteers, I feel good knowing that I had a hand in bringing some happiness and aid to women and their children who are going through very tough times. If at least one person's Mother's Day is made just a little better because of my efforts, then the time I sacrificed will be well worth it! This is a great project and I know it'll turn out well!

Gave 3.00 hours on 03/30/2016 with ULN '18
Arleth Santacruz

In this event, there were three different activities that we were assigned to do. We needed to clean purses, attach a tag and put brochures inside of each purse. Since at the very beginning I was the only one in this event, I was doing all three activities. After a while, another participant came in and he was helping me build the brochures (which consisted of 6 different information sheets, and I was cleaning the bags and putting the tags in it.

Gave 4.00 hours on 03/29/2016 with ULN '19
Raisa Hernandez
Arleth Santacruz

In today's event, we started by putting the handbags in boxes. Then, I organized people in different areas to have a better progress. Two people were cleaning bags, one was putting the tags and the brochures inside of the handbags, another one was stocking them in the shell and I was making the package (which consisted of 4 brochures).

Gave 4.00 hours between 03/19/2016 and 05/04/2016 with ULN '19
Hanah Choice

It was awesome wrapping presents that families put on their wish list

Gave 5.00 hours on 12/15/2015 with ULN '18
Madison Baker

I loved getting to volunteer for the Texas Advocacy Project again. I volunteered last year and loved it. Loved getting to spread some holiday cheer!

Gave 2.00 hours on 12/15/2015 with ULN '18
Ixchel Perez

Such an amazing organization. It was a joy to wrap gifts knowing that it was all for a good cause. I would definitely do it again.

Gave 4.00 hours on 12/14/2015
Ixchel Perez
Anna Nicole Alvarado

I was in charge of greeting people into the ball/ directing them to the event.

Gave 2.00 hours on 10/15/2015 with ULN '17