Asian American Resource Center

Minu Nayak
Audrey Hur
Hayley Man
Win Bliss
Chuu Chuu
Jeremy Rodriguez

I'm glad volunteering with the AARC is always a pleasant experience. Looking forward to next time!

Gave 2.83 hours on 10/06/2018 with Austin, Texas - Your City Government

AARC organized multi-culture performance, and Austin City also prepared booths explaining the services and benefits to the local residents. One thing people liked the most, including myself, was the Bingo game. By playing the game, visitors got to know the center and the people better and had great fun. I was glad to help out visitors who needed interpretation.

Gave 2.30 hours on 10/06/2018
Lee Young
Syed Hussain

Gave 0.00 hour on 05/13/2018 with Asian American Resource Center, Austin, Texas - Your City Government
Tatianna Raymond
Jacqueline Flores
Cindy Zhang
Grace Lee
Chung-Ting Huang
Rebecca Hicke
Satomi Kuwatsuka
Cheyenne Brehm