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RRISD -Fern Bluff Elementary School's Annual- "Science Night"



My name is Bhavani Madisetti-Vemireddy and I am serving as Chairman/ Organizer for Science Night, an annual Parent Teachers Association (PTA)-event held at Fern Bluff Elementary School, part of the Round Rock Independent School District (RRISD). I would like to invite you and your organization to be an Exhibitor/ Presenter at our upcoming Science Night to be held on Friday, January 22nd from 6:30PM– 8:30PM at our school located at 17815 Park Valley Drive, Round Rock, TX 78681. This year’s theme for Science Night is “Explore Science.” Your expertise and knowledge in your said field will add great educational value to our students and help ensure that this year’s Science fair will be a success. The objective of Science Night is to increase enthusiasm and interest in STEM-related subjects amongst elementary-school aged children. Science Night is an evening of hands-on science activities for students and their families to do together. Additional benefits for students who participate in Family Science Night include: 1. Parents will observe that their child’s school science program is hands-on and inquiry-based, yet fun and educational at the same time. 2. Interaction between parents and children is fostered as they enjoy fun educational experiences together, not just doing homework. 3. Students gain a sense of school community outside school hours. 4. Parents and students will see that science is fun. If you are able to be an exhibitor for Science Night, we have discovered in the past that the following suggestions work best for elementary-aged school children: 1. Quick, hands-on experiments that use a short list of readily available materials; 2. An opportunity to build or invent an item that demonstrates scientific principles; 3. Incorporation of a Mural or “creation”station: art supplies and large pieces of mural paper to illustrate some aspect of science, such as animals and plants living in a habitat or the solar system. These are some recommendations but feel free to use other means if you are so inclined. The first Science Night hosted at Fern Bluff Elementary School was held five years ago, with each successive year centered on a different STEM-related theme. This annual event – now celebrating its 6th year-has been attended by upwards of 500 students and their family members in previous years. Please let us know if anyone from your organization would be able to participate in our event by December 18th. If you or someone from your organization is unable to be an exhibitor for our Science Night, you are welcome to forward this invitation to any persons who might be interested. Please contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to your favorable response. Many thanks in advance, Bhavani Madisetti-Vemireddy Fern Bluff elementary School – Science Night 2015 Chairman/ Organizer Cell:512-777-1248

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