Central Texas Discover Engineering (CTDE)



Central Texas Discover Engineering’s mission is to excite Central Texas K-12 students to pursue careers in math, science and engineering through in-class, hands-on engineering activities and collaborative, volunteer-driven initiatives of the engineering and education communities.

Through CTDE, engineers:

* Provide hands on experiments that demonstrate teamwork and logical processes
* Discuss their jobs and explain a “Day in the life of an engineer”
* Discuss the reasons they chose engineering
* Can have opportunities to judge science fairs and help at science nights at local schools

We have also expanded our program to include several Community Events. Our program reaches more than 10,000 students each academic year. Our organization consists of a year round steering committee supported by donations of cash, services, and volunteer time from local businesses and the community. Our goals are to increase the number of students and classrooms we visit each year, maximize attendance at community events and increase our reach to underserved populations. Central Texas Discover Engineering is proud to be a satellite affiliate of Discover Engineering (http://www.discovere.org/). Learn more at http://engineerintheclass.org/.
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