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SpineHope is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing advanced spinal treatments directly to underprivileged children around the world. Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art treatment to children who otherwise may not receive modern treatments for their complex spinal problems. In order to provide sustainable local care to these children, we are equally dedicated to teaching local physicians and staff to provide these treatments themselves. Working together with local physicians, we can correct spinal deformities, remove pain, and often prevent paralysis and extend life. We offer a domestic program that will bring select children to the United States for care in support of new sites and where there is not a potential site.

  • Mission
    • SpineHope transforms the lives of children worldwide through surgery, education, and research.
  • Vision
    • Every child with spinal deformity has an opportunity at a normal life.
  • Goals
    • Surgery-Based:
      • Provide life-transforming surgical care to children around the world in need of treatment for their spine deformity.
      • Bring select children that are unable to be treated in their home countries to the USA for surgical treatment of their spine disorder.
    • Education-Based:
      • Provide on-going training with partnering spine surgeons and hospital staff abroad in advanced techniques and safety protocols.
    • Research-Based:
      • Gather clinical information to formulate a registry and database of information to better study the complex spine disorders prevalent in our patients.
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