The White Rose Society



The White Rose Society is a genocide prevention and Holocaust remembrance organization at UT Austin . The organization believes that taking action against global injustice begins with education and initiative on a local level, and that by learning about past human rights violations, people are better equipped to understand human rights violations today and take action against them. The White Rose Society tables on campus, encourages legislators to pass important bills regarding the conflict areas, and raises money for refugees. The main areas of focus today are Darfur, The Democratic Republic of Congo, and Burma.

The White Rose Society name is a tribute to the White Rose Society at Munich University, started in 1942. This was a non-violent group of students that called for active opposition to dictator Adolf Hitler’s regime. Most of the group members lost their lives, but they did not lose the freedom of their hearts and minds and history remembers them as the heroes of the German people. Their motto is now ours: We will not be silent!

The organization main event of the year is “10,000 roses”, one day in which the members and volunteers distribute 10,000 roses across campus, to represent the number of Jews murdered in Auschwitz in one day. The day is followed by a week of the Human Rights Symposium, when different speakers come to campus and talk about different human right issues.
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