Services for Students with Disabilities


Become a Volunteer Note Taker for a Student with a Disability!

Volunteer Note Takers provide valuable assistance for a student with a disability by ensuring that they have access to the material and information presented in class.

Being a Volunteer Note Taker requires no extra time or effort - just a willingness to make your notes available to a student with a disability.

How:  Inform your professor that if a student with a disability needs a note taker, you would like to volunteer to share your notes. If your services are needed, you can coordinate with the student or instructor to determine how the notes will be provided:

  • Electronically shared
  • Copied at SSD office
  • Use carbonless paper to take notes (paper available at the SSD office)

Some students may want to remain anonymous and would prefer that you deliver notes to the instructor rather than working with you directly.

Questions? Contact Sarah Vahle in SSD for more information at 512-471-6259.

THANK YOU for helping to make UT an accessible and inclusive environment for students with disabilities!

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