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For over 160 years, Porter-Leath has been the primary resource for Memphis' at-risk children and families. By focusing on the essential building blocks of healthy development, we not only give them access to the tools they need, but also a sense of hope. The result is Porter-Leath helps build stronger children, stronger families and a stronger Memphis.

A long-living tradition, there is currently no better investment in Memphis than Porter-Leath. Efficiency, quality and dedication are synonymous with Porter-Leath, making it a solid non-profit with measurable outcomes in Shelby County. The combination of reputation, history, constituent trust and accountability set Porter-Leath apart from other organizations.


Empowering children and families to achieve a healthy, optimal and independent lifestyle.


To be the early intervention leader in our community by helping Memphis help children and families.


We believe in early intervention, safest environment, teamwork, integrity, professional development and doing what we say.


A child's development begins in the earliest moments of life, with social and cognitive skills that affect their ability to enter school and succeed. Yet children from many low-income families are often not afforded the same opportunities to develop these skills as other children. Porter-Leath's Head Start programs -- Head Start for preschool children ages 3 to 5 and Early Head Start for children from birth to 3-- ensure these children develop to the best of their ability and receive all of the building blocks necessary to be successful in school. Porter-Leath Head Start offers a comprehensive combination of quality home-based family services and onsite educational programs completely free of charge.

Children from abusive or neglectful homes, as well as children from loving families who may experience a troubled period, often lack the fundamental skills to succeed in school, their communities and life. They need a safe place to live, a nurturing environment in which to grow and the emotional and physical support that only comes from making the right Connections. This group of Porter-Leath programs is operated by clinical staff 24-hours a day, and focuses on providing residential, foster care, adoption, runaway and homeless services for children from birth to age 18 in a supportive and therapeutic environment. 

Cornerstone gives newborns and preschool children the best start in life by helping pregnant mothers and parenting families in their homes, thereby reducing infant mortality and improving literacy and language skills. 

Children need strong, consistent relationships with caring adults that help build confidence and life skills. They need extra love, nurturing and understanding. They need Generations, the Porter-Leath sponsored version of the national Foster Grandparent and RSVP programs. Generations helps to fill the gap, bringing children in need together with seniors in a mutually-beneficial experience. 

Since the early 1980’s Porter-Leath has been a sponsoring organization through the Department of Human Services-Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) to provide services and reimbursements directly to participating family day care homes. The primary objective of the CACFP program is to ensure that children 12 years of age and younger enrolled in child care homes and centers receive well-balanced, nutritious meals. Spoonfuls helps family day care home providers meet this goal through nutrition education, program training and financial reimbursements.
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