Remote Tutoring Program

Thank you for your interest in this event. We no longer are in need of additional tutors at this time. If you're looking to make a difference through virtual volunteering, please navigate to our Virtual Volunteer home page for additional opportunities we are promoting.


~Please use the provided resources under the DOCUMENTS tab to best assist your student during your tutoring session. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, feel free to contact Sophie B. Dion-Kirschner at or Kristi S. Hill at

~IMPORTANT: Valuable tips and tools are available via email invite only. If you have not received an email invitation to the Google Classroom resource page, please navigate to this form and fill out your preferred email address so that you will have access to those resources.

~Also, all of your tutoring hours can be logged using the green 'Add Impact' button. If you need assistance logging your impact hours, contact Michelle Buchinger at

Thank you for making such a big difference within our community!