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Job Description:

The Children's Research Center (CRC) is a collection of 11 individual research labs working to understand how children develop and learn. When families visit our center, children read books, solve puzzles, watch puppet shows, play video games, and engage in memory games with our researchers. 

We rely on the help of Austin families and children to participate in our ongoing research studies. Our research studies are for infants to 17-year-olds, focusing on how children develop reading skills, how they think through and solve problems, how imagination and creativity are developed through play, how the brain changes, and more. 

Internship Description:

The responsibilities of the intern are listed below – 

  • Outreach

    • The intern will be responsible for emailing and calling community organizations to spark initial partnership opportunities. The intern will drop off CRC flyers throughout the community. The intern may also attend parent meetings on behalf of the Children's Research Center to speak with parents about our research. 

  • Recruitment

    • The intern will be responsible for setting up and cleaning up during our campus-wide and community-wide events. The intern will also run and manage our table at the event, which includes signing up parents / caregivers to participate in our research studies and engaging in a developmentally-appropriate activity with children under 18 years old at our recruitment events. For outreach and recruitment portions of this position, the intern will be responsible to go out in the community and manage their own transportation needs. All events and community organizations will be within bus-distance, which means interns can use Capital Metro buses. 

  • Database

    • The intern will be responsible for entering children's information into our collaborative database after recruitment events with accuracy and confidentiality. 

  • Organization and security

    • The intern will adhere to security policies designated by The University of Texas at Austin and the Children's Research Center to ensure that the confidentiality of all families and community partners are protected. The intern will maintain and organize files related to data collection, such as consent forms, which the participant and the family are asked to sign before participating. 

  • Special projects

    • The intern may be assigned special projects on a continuing basis. 

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