Youth Mentoring Program



Southwest Key Programs (SWK) is looking for community members, universities, and business partners to help support the 1:1 mentorship program run by SWK. Youth in our program are aged  ten (10) to seventeen (17) and have either been involved with the juvenile justice system or  are at-risk of being system involved.

We strive to provide these kids with an adult mentor (21+) that spends about 1 hour a week with them (4-hours a month). We highly recommend mentoring for either a calendar year (12m) or academic year (9m). It makes a world of difference for there to be a consistent and positive adult in these youths lives. We also organize group activities for the youth once or twice a month, and try to find ways for them to be positively involved in their community.
This would be an ideal opportunity for any students that are interested in: Criminal Justice, Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, Behavioral Sciences, Education, etc. Or anyone that wants to make a positive impact in their community.

Check out the short videos below:

Southwest Key Mentoring Program Testimonial
I am a Mentor
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7 People | 4 Impacts | 14 Hours

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