SMCA - Drumline



Drumline parents,

Hello. Veronica Spellings and I are the SMCA Music Department volunteer parents. We have been asked by Mr. Moreland to coordinate parent volunteers to donate two cases of water for the drumline students for each of the four St. Michael's football home games (September 1, September 15, September 29, October 12).  We will also need water donations for the October 23 TAPPS Drumline and Fall Band competition. 

We have 32 students and will need two cases of water, plus two coolers for each home game. In the past, drumline parents have dropped off the cases of water in the music room when they dropped off their students in the morning. We can get the ice from the cafeteria before each game. 

If interested, please register to 1) bring a case or two of water for a home game, 2) donate a cooler for the evening, and/or 3) assist with getting the coolers filled with ice and bottles of water and have it delivered to the field (location of drop-off is yet to be determined).   For anyone else who might be interested, light snacks (fruit, cookies) would be appreciated for the drumline kids to munch on during the game(s). 

Thank you in advance for your assistance. 


Denise Klein & Veronica Spellings
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