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WE need volunteers for one of our many youth summer programs, Camp Indigo! Activities at camp are designed to increase confidence, teach communication skills, and promote respect for self and others in children ages 4-12.
Here is the link to our volunteer page: 
Please contact Aliya Rosenbloom at if interested!

More Info!
Since 2001, the Amala Foundation has offered over 5,500 youth a unique blend of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs and cross-cultural connection aimed at providing the next generation of leaders with a model of inclusion, compassion, commitment and service to their communities.“Amala” means many things in many languages.  In Hindi, it means “pure”; in Arabic, “hope”; and in Hebrew, “work”.   Amala offers safe, supportive and inspiring experiences where youth from all backgrounds come together to learn and grow. From youth summits to camps to leadership training, Amala’s programs promote personal growth, clear communication, deep listening, compassion and an ethos of service.

Amala’s programs focus on young individuals including refugees and immigrant youth, many of whom have experienced war, abuse, neglect, extreme poverty, child labor, and gang violence; and provide them the opportunity to unite with peers from vastly different backgrounds and participate in meaningful dialogue, community building exercises, and leadership development.

Research shows that SEL programs such as Amala’s have proven extremely successful in helping youth:

  • Heal from trauma and abuse and develop a positive identity.
  • Reduce conduct problems and emotional distress.
  • Improve social-emotional skills and personal attitudes about self and others.
  • Enhance academic performance and reduce drop out rates.

Amala’s programs are open to all youth, regardless of their ability to pay; and 80% of their participants receive scholarships.

Please find our latest Annual Reports here:

To find out how Amala’s programs have changed the lives of thousands of youth, please visit

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