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Sunday Night Session

Last date was Sunday, June 7th, 2015 from 7:00pm to 11:00pm (CT)
Zach Amorin

I enjoyed getting the books to send to the prisoners. It was interesting getting to know what they were interested in and helping to supply their needs.

Gave 3.00 hours on 12/14/2015 with ULN '17, University Leadership Network
William George

The environment is really laid back and casual, and the impact you make is almost immediately gratifying when you read the letters from people.

Gave 4.00 hours on 05/18/2015 with University Leadership Network
Madison Baker

I loved getting to be a part of this event, and the fact that it takes place weekly is even better. I would definitely like to volunteer here again.

Gave 4.00 hours on 05/11/2015 with University Leadership Network
Timothy Lam
Iman Mohamed
Kevin Sibrian

This experience was like no other. This volunteer service did more than just bring hope to the inmate asking for books to read, it actually made me feel all good inside. It made it feel worthwhile. Having the opportunity to give those who are restricted of their freedom, freedom to get lost in a book of their interest is extremely heart warming. This was a great experience.

Gave 4.00 hours on 05/04/2015 with University Leadership Network
Franco Estrada

This volunteering activity was very different from the usual events I participate, but nonetheless it was a great way of giving back to the community.

Gave 4.00 hours on 05/04/2015