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(Service Learning I & II) Socks for the Sole is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, as well as UT student organization, entirely run by students. Our mission is to serve the homeless peoples of Austin, specifically by raising socks and other essentials. Our service learning opportunity is looking for students that are interested/passionate in serving the homeless population of Austin. We understand 40 hours is a lot, and as students ourselves, we understand how busy you may be. We are very flexible on opportunities and our events are always in a group or carpooled. Opportunities for hours at Socks: volunteering at our events (i.e. coming to the ARCH shelter and handing out socks or cooking food, etc.), coming to weekly meetings on campus, learning how to reach out to companies for donations, and others. We also have socials and are just looking for committed students! Send our contact an email if interested.
26 Positions Filled | 353 Impacts | 626 Hours

Location: PO Box #8434, Austin, TX 78713