Making piñatas for HFSA's Holiday Assistance Program

Wednesday, November 28th to Thursday, December 6th, 2018


Texas Education Scholars are helping HFSA's annual John Trevino Jr.'s Holiday Assistance Program next week by making miniature pull string piñatas to give to the families that come pick up food bags. The piñatas are being filled with confetti, candy and a little trinket.

If you have any empty toilet paper rolls, we could really use them for the project. Please bring them by my office (SZB 216F) by Monday, December 3 to help the cause!

Also, if you have any little trinkets (think goodie bag toys like bouncy balls, tops, stickers, etc) that you are itching to get out of your house, please feel free to bring those as well! We will happily give them a new home.

All piñatas will be delivered and gifted at the event on December 7.

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