Digital Storytime

Wednesday, April 1st from 11:00am to Friday, August 14th, 2020 3:00pm (CT)


Here is an example:

Help Atchison youth develop a love of reading. The Atc
hison Boys and Girls Club is continuing its programming remotely using a YouTube Channel. Benedictine students can contribute by submitting a video of yourself reading one of your favorite children's books and having a few questions for the kids at the end.

-- Pick out a children's book that you like.
-- Set up your recording station. Make sure your background is one that sets a good example for the kids.
-- Record yourself as you read the book out loud.
------- Read in an animated voice that will engage the kids
------- Make sure to show the pictures, just as you would when reading in person
------- Feel free to pause and "interact" with the kids while you are reading - this might include talking about a new vocabulary word that came up, asking them questions about what they think will come next, etc. 
-- At the end, ask the kids 2-3 questions. Ideas include:
------- Asking about the moral of the story
------- Asking about their favorite part
------- Asking them to summarize
-- Submit the recording to the Boys and Girls Club via Dropbox. (Record and submit the video by Wednesday, 4/22, if possible.)

**When you register, a section called "Conferencing Link" will appear below with the link to upload to Dropbox.**

- Books must be age-appropriate. Most of the kids are 5 to 10 years old.

- Set a good example in what you say, what you wear, and what is visible in the background of your video.
- If possible, wear a Benedictine shirt or other Raven gear. This will help the kids realize that this video was made specifically for their Boys and Girls Club in Atchison. 
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