Multiply your impact by recruiting volunteers

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Multiply your impact by recruiting volunteers for Crossing Party Lines!

Manage projects, raise money, create multimedia, all without needing those skills – by finding the right volunteers! Without you, we won't have the help we need to bring Crossing Party Lines to all of America.

In addition to writing volunteer listings and handling responses from potential volunteers, you'll be creating the overall recruitment plan and guidelines. The detailed information you gather and create will help existing volunteers to eventually act as recruitment coordinators.

When you join our small team, you will:

  • Create volunteer recruitment listings and position descriptions
  • Recruit volunteers through online volunteer sites and other means
  • Collect information on volunteer availabilities and skills
  • Match volunteers to opportunities that suit their preferences and skill sets
  • Ensure that volunteers understand their responsibilities and receive the proper training
  • Communicate frequently with volunteers to ensure they are satisfied and well-placed
  • Prepare codes of conduct and operating procedures to uphold the organization's values
  • Clearly communicate the purpose of the organization and its actions
Organizer will approve registrants
Age Limit
18 and up
Requirement Details
We are looking for someone who has:
  • Excellent communication and people skills
  • Strong organization skills
  • The inclination to build teams
  • A detail-oriented mindset
Sustainable Development Goals
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