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DMRS intern/volunteer Corporate Fund Raising Associate

Friday, November 15th from 8:30am to Tuesday, December 31st, 2019 4:30pm (MT)
This has ended. If you attended, let the organizer know by recording your Impact!


Positions0 Remaining

PURPOSE: To assist the DMRS Development Coordinator in all aspects of volunteer and intern coordination.



Ø  Become familiar with all aspects of DMRS

Ø  Help with the assessment of volunteer/intern needs of DMRS

Ø  Assist DMRS Development Coordinator with volunteer/intern position descriptions

Ø  Post volunteer/intern position descriptions to appropriate websites and social media

Ø  Support the DMRS Development Coordinator with recruitment, orientation, placement, follow-up, appreciation and evaluation of DMRS volunteers and interns

Ø  Develop a Volunteer/Intern Manual

Ø  Create a PowerPoint/other electronic volunteer/intern orientation presentation

Ø  Research grant/corporate possibilities for further volunteer involvement at DMRS

Ø  Generate draft proposals for further volunteer involvement at DMRS

Ø  Initiate, plan and execute volunteer/intern appreciation days, events or other means of appreciation

Ø  Other duties as necessary


Ø  Bilingual English/Spanish

Ø  Excellent verbal/written communication skills

Ø  Excellent Organizational skills

Ø  Unafraid to make initial contact either verbally or in writing

Ø  Commitment to immigrants and DMRS

Ø  Ability to work independently AND as a team member

Ø  Reliable and responsible

Ø  Produce consistent results


SCHEDULE/TIME COMMITMENT: 10-20 hours per week


ORIENTATION/TRAINING: General DMRS training with DMRS Development Coordinator 1-2 hours; position specific training provided by DMRS Development Coordinator on an as needed basis. All volunteers and interns must undergo a free background check and free Safe Environments Training. All volunteers must have either a laptop or tablet with keyboard that can be brought to DMRS for their use.





Ø  Hone interpersonal skills

Ø  Develop the ability to manage volunteers

Ø  Learn the craft of grant writing

Ø  Network with committed non-profit professionals

Ø  Assist in organizational growth

Ø  Expand your resume

Ø  Learn about the non-profit world

Ø  Increase professional confidence


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